Upgradation in BMTI
Bangladesh Maritime Training Institute offers BRM & BTM simulator-based course to marine professionals in a view to enhance safety aspects during navigation. In January 2020, two of our senior permanent instructors; Capt. J.M. Rakib and Capt. Babul Hossain, attended Kline BRM & BTM courses as observers in K-Line Maritime Academy Philippines. Based on their recommendation, our existing Full Mission Ship simulation room has been modified and upgraded to separate Bridge simulation section, exercise monitoring and debriefing section in June 2020.

The students will work collaboratively in teams in exercises during scenarios, practicing the different work roles of Bridge team leader, officer-of-the-watch and lookouts, performing the work order in a professional manner onboard a technologically equipped ship. During scenarios, the bridge team will be expected to take overall control of the exercise by planning the course, taking positions and navigate the ship in a preplanned route with due regards to all safety aspects of navigation. The instructor will monitor the entire exercise from the instructor’s room in the near proximity of the bridge. The instructor’s room contains several computer screens showing different aspects of the students’ work, and will work actively with the technology to monitor what is happening on the bridge and how that affects the scenario as a whole. Before and after simulator training sessions, briefings and debriefings will be held in the briefing room.