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Duration: 2 Days

  1. Introduction
    • Ordinances and Acts of Parliament, Parliamentary sub-committee, The Ministry of Shipping, Department of Shipping, Mercantile Marine Department.

  2. Registration and Nationality
    • Application for registration, Port of Registry, Register General, Register Book, Survey and Measurement of Ship before registration, Marking of ship, Declaration of ownership on registration, Evidence first registration, Power to grant new certificate when original certificate is defaced or lost, Delivery of certificate of ship lost or ceasing to be a Bangladesh ship. Provisional Certificate for ships becoming Bangladesh ship abroad, temporary pass in lieu of Certificate of Registry

  3. National character
    • National colors for ships, Unlawful assumption or concealment of Bangladesh character, etc. Bangladesh ships to hoist national colors certain cases.

  4. Manning of Bangladesh ships
    • Safe manning of ships and safe meaning certificate, Power to exempt from manning requirement, certificate, Certificate of Competencies, Recognition of Certificate of Competencies granted it other countries, Restriction on employment of aliens Rules relating to manning of ships

  5. Engagement of Seamen
    • Rules relating to engagement of seaman and maritime labour, supply of seaman, CDC possession and loss of CDC, cancellation of CDC, Certificate of Medical Fitness for Bangladesh seamen. Article of Agreement, changes in crew to be reported. Renewal of Article, Crew list to be reported. Renewal of Article, crew list to be furnished to Shipping Master. Penalties for violation.

  6. Procedure relating to discharge of seamen
    • Entries in Article of Agreement, CDC and return of CoC, report to Shipping Master. Discharge of seamen abroad, discharge of seamen and apprentices on change of own ship, transmission of documents transfer from one ship to another, repatriation of seamen and apprentices on termination of service abroad, leaving behind in Bangladesh of seamen or apprentices shipped abroad, leaving behind seamen or apprentices by master of Bangladesh ship abroad, wages and other property of seamen or apprentices left behind by Bangladesh ships abroad. Distressed seamen.

Combination of classroom lecture-presentation and discussion reinforced with case studies.


A certificate of course completion shall be issued to those who shall satisfactorily fulfill the course requirements.