Bangladesh Maritime Training Institute (BMTI) is the fastest growing training institution in the maritime industry of Bangladesh. BMTI offers a wide-range of STCW compliant courses for all grades of Certificate of Competency. Recognizing simulator based training as the driving force of the current and future training needs; BMTI established various simulators to fulfill the requirements.

Established in 2001, Bangladesh Maritime Training Institute has rapidly achieved its position as the leading private maritime training institute by being true to the mandate of its founders: to provide our clients and students with the highest quality professional training available based on a foundation of strong principles. This exceptional system has been designed to fulfill all of the requirements of international bodies and is custom tailored for a goal to achieve.
  • Safe ship operation and protection of the marine environment.
  • To be able to meet, educate and fulfil the requirements as per standards set by International Maritime Organization.
  • Uninterrupted ship operations and zero losses.
  • Client satisfaction through open and trusted.
  • Communication and understanding their needs and protecting their assets.
Over the years, BMTI has evolved alongside the rapidly changing regulatory environment. As we grew to understand how dramatically training requirements were changing, we have expanded our training facilities to include various simulator courses. BMTI was one of the 1st institutions in Bangladesh to Start GMDSS GOC training. This was followed by being the 1st to bring in ROC, ARPA and ECDIS courses. In line with our policy of continuous improvement and our motto "Excellence through Training" BMTI has set up the state of the art Full Mission Bridge Simulator, Engine Room Simulator and Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator, once again the first of its kind in Bangladesh.

BMTI takes pride in being innovative and understands the value of individual instruction and ensures to provide it. To be in the forefront of maritime education and training, major companies in the shipping industry collaborate with BMTI in the preparation of training programs exclusively related to their own products and equipment. These customized training programs are to meet the changing demands of ship owners as per their ISM & ISO training schemes. Only by training a crew to excel in every way and for every situation we can give ship owners peace of mind in regards to safety, environmental protection, maintenance and prevention of accidents, incidents and losses.